IBN Defense Department deals with businesses related to the National Security Forces, UN Mission, Red Cross, Disaster Management, etc. With decades of experience, IBN has established itself as a reliable and recognized name. We value our experience in providing services, consultancy, equipment, and technology to our customers nationally and internationally.

The IBN Defense Department, along with our Global Associate Manufacturers and Suppliers, has provided a complete range of modern technology products and services. We are contributing towards the modernization of troops via the delivery of Tactical Communication Equipment, a Total Range of UN Peace Keeping Mission Equipment, Logistic Support Vehicles, Rotary Wings, and Fixed Wings, Machinery and Plant Turnkey Basis,  Optical Instruments, Disaster Management Equipment and many more.

Moreover, with the help of our technical team, IBN has been providing 24/7 after-sales service to our customers. Our technical support team is fully equipped and capable of providing a prompt after-sales service fulfilling the customer requirement as and when required.